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When my good friend agreed to take photos of us in a beautiful cotton field, I don’t think she realized what I would be doing when she had the rest of them behind her lens. When someone is in charge of the photos, I take the opportunity to practice the other side of the camera spectrum: video. It is an art that certainly pushes me outside my comfort zone but an art that I am learning to appreciate more and more. I just hope I keep getting these opportunities more!!!  
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by kyle frantz· December 13, 2017· in Life· 0 comments
When we went to bed last night, we knew we would be waking up to snow, but we never expected this! Snow here in Georgia isn’t an unusual occurrence in winter, but never before Christmas! This is one time our procrastination payed off. Had we got our Christmas cards printed before now, we would have missed out on this awesome opportunity. It isn’t every year you get the chance to have family pictures in a winter wonderland on your Christmas cards!
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